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Your doctor will be using a human allograft – a bone or tissue transplant – as part of your treatment. Allografts are among the most common transplants in the medical field today. Over one million tissue transplants are performed each year.

Maxxeus Sports is providing this information to assist your doctor in answering the most frequently asked questions about allografts. If you would like additional information, feel free to ask your doctor or call Maxxeus Sports at 1-855-MAXXEUS.

Why has my doctor recommended using human allograft as part of my medical treatment?
Allografts can replace or repair damaged or diseased bone and soft tissues in orthopedic and neurosurgery. It may also stimulate new bone growth in the affected area, particularly in dental and reconstructive surgery. Skin grafts may be used for severe burns.

Where does the donated tissue come from?
Allograft tissue comes from people who have chosen to donate their tissues following their death. The tissue donor may have died from some type of accident or sudden illness such as a heart attack or stroke.

How do you screen allograft donors?
Each donor is thoroughly evaluated using a donor risk assessment interview, medical records, blood tests, culture results, physical examination and autopsy reports (when performed). This process is used to ensure the donor is suitable for donation by allowing us to recognize and exclude potential diseases or medical conditions that are unacceptable.

How do you test the tissue?
Specific lab tests are performed for Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV and other viruses. All of the donor chart information is evaluated by individuals trained in tissue banking, and Community Tissue Services’ Medical Director prior to the processing of the tissue.

What happens to the bone or tissue graft after transplantation?
Once the transplanted bone or soft tissue graft is accepted by the body, it is slowly converted into new living bone or soft tissue and incorporated into the body.

Why does my doctor choose Community Tissue Services as a source of human allograft?
Your physician has chosen us because of our extensive donor screening, recovery and processing standards, as well as our history of providing quality allograft tissue. All Community Tissue Services tissue center locations are accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks, and the Center for Tissue, Innovation and Research is ISO 13485 certified.

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