Maxxeus Sports Video Library


Video - Center for Tissue, Innovation and Research Video
The driving force behind Maxxeus Sports is the Center for Tissue, Innovation and Research, a state-of-the-art facility where the latest advances in biotechnology meets today's most challenging clnical indication.

Video - Measurement Video
In-consistent non-bone tendon sizing can be a frustrating situation in an operating room.  For that reason, the Center for Tissue, Innovation and Reasearch set out to understand surgeon issues and developed one of the most robust sizing protocols within the tissue processing industry. 

Video - Electron Beam Technology Video 
The Center for Tissue, Innovation and Research introduces an alternative to gamma irradiation.  The video examines Electron Beam (E-Beam) sterilization technology. 

Video - Maxxeus DBM Putty Video
Maxxeus DBM Putty is a 100% concentration of allograft bone that requires no synthetic carrier.  The putty is moldable and resistant to irrigation.  All lots are tested for osteoinductivity and BMP scored.  Please view the video for demonstrations and additional putty information.

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